5 Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10


It has never been so easy to communicate via the internet. It’s getting to the point where the youth of today don’t know the difference between an SMS or MMS text.

That’s because there are so many free messaging apps for us to use when we want and how we want. To celebrate that fact, in this blog we are going to look at five of the best options for Windows 10 users.

Yes, it’s been difficult to only choose five of our favourites. Here at FileHippo.com we have an extensive catalogue of Chat and Messaging Software for you to discover.

Nevertheless, here we will examine only five. Making the list is Facebook Messenger, Discord Messenger, Slack, Viber and, of course, WhatsApp.

For us, these choices represent the cream of all the free messaging apps for Windows 10 out there. However, you may disagree. That’s the beautiful thing about tech software, everyone will look for something different in a program. So, be sure to check out our full range too!

Free messaging apps open up a world of opportunities for free, safe and instant communication. As you would expect many of the best options come from the big names like Skype and Yahoo! Facebook and WhatsApp are also in that category, and their messaging apps make it on this list.

That being said, there is also an Aladdin’s cave of often underestimated apps from publishers that the average person hasn’t heard of before. As always, we would urge you to check them out as well as the famous names. You may just unearth a real gem hiding in the download lists!

So, without further ado, let’s look at five free messaging apps for Windows 10 that you can enjoy today.

Facebook Messenger

This is perhaps the most common and obvious free messaging option out there. Almost every one of us will have, or have once had, a Facebook account. If you do, you’re encouraged to download the Messenger app.

It works great on a mobile, connecting with all your media files and contacts. But the great news for Windows 10 users is that it works just as well on a PC – and you don’t have to be signed into Facebook on a browser either.

Key Features

  • Send photos and videos.
  • Make calls anywhere in the world.
  • Record voice messages.
  • Group chats.
  • Thousands of stickers to choose from.
  • Read status updates.

That’s right, you can respond to chats right from your desktop. So, whether you’re using another app or browsing other websites, you can stay connected without having to click away!

The app also has a built-in notifier that will keep you alert to new comments, photo tags and much more as well.

Overall, you’re sure to get a great overall experience with this free messaging solution. You can bet a lot of people will be using similar means too, so pretty much all of your friends and family will be contactable around the clock.


Here’s our second well-known free messaging option. WhatsApp has been around for some time now and has become a renowned messaging service.

Windows 10 users will be delighted to know that WhatsApp launched a desktop app for PC, as well as its mobile service.

Key Features:

  • Send photos and videos.
  • Change settings.
  • Star Messages.
  • Group Chats.
  • Record voice settings.

People love the desktop version as it doesn’t need to take up any valuable storage space on your web browser. Essentially it works as an extension of your phone. So, it will mirror the conversations and messages found on your device.

Don’t worry, using the desktop version of WhatsApp is easy. As soon as you have downloaded and installed the app, you simply need to scan the QR code on the screen with your phone using WhatsApp (Open WhatsApp, click Menu and select WhatsApp Web). Then, as soon as it is recognised, the desktop app will be linked with your account.

Using the desktop version of the app comes with advantages including proper native desktop notifications and better keyboard shortcuts. You simply need WhatsApp installed and working on your phone and Windows 10 on your desktop.

Discord Messenger

Now, the average man on the street – depending on where you are – may not have heard of Discord Messenger as much as our previous solutions.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a fantastic choice, especially for avid gamers. This massively popular communication platform allows the user to create channels and separate rooms within them. This way you can communicate with friends via text or voice.

Key Features:

  • Chat with small and large groups.
  • Send text and voice messages.
  • Set up different servers to chat with different groups.
  • Invite friends to server with unique invite link.
  • Runs in the background as you play games if you install app.

Don’t worry about any unwanted intruders coming in on your conversations either. Access restrictions can be set on individual channels that restrict entry to invited users only. So there’s no fear of people accidentally being added to a private chat! It’s almost fool proof!

But don’t worry if you’re not a gamer. Discord Messenger channels are not centred exclusively around gaming. Communities for pretty much any hobby, passion, or pastime can be found online.

Overall, Discord Messenger provides text and voice communication to a huge array of communities. Although it seems to have found a home predominantly with gamers, don’t let this put you off! There is something for everyone.


Slack is incredibly popular with working teams of all sizes. This online social messaging platform means people can collaborate on projects more effectively.

Users can create a team in Slack, and then log in to hold group or private chats, share data and links with each member of that team and discuss the project together. All of the communications that are held on Slack are grouped into different Channels, and everything that is created is searchable.

Key Features:

  • Project-friendly structure.
  • Collaborate with teams.
  • Create chat channels with their own permissions.
  • Add bots and auto moderators.
  • Integrate with other tools.
  • Share files.
  • Task list management.

Slack organises team conversations into open channels. The great thing about using channels is they can be utilised by everyone; all users have a transparent view of all its aspects. If you have sensitive information to discuss, users can create private channels and invite only the team members you choose.

A really useful feature of Slack is the file sharing capability. You can drag and drop files, documents, PDFs, images, and videos to share with anyone and get immediate feedback and discussion via comments. You can also star it for later reference, and all data is completely searchable.

Overall, Slack is a superb service that allows teams to communicate in real time together. It offers support for private groups and 1:1 direct messaging. So, no matter what device or platform a team member may be using, they are always able to keep up.

With advanced features including encrypted messaging, and over 100 integrations, with an open API to build more, it’s no wonder Slack is highly respected communications solution.


Our last, but in no means least, capable solution is Viber. This popular free Voice-over IP messaging service is often described as a Skype alternative. The Viber PC client takes the convenience of the mobile app and brings it to your PC so you can stay connected even when you don’t have your mobile phone.

A key difference between Viber and Skype is that with Skype you can’t communicate with all of your mobile phone contacts that are also using the service. With Viber you can. Voice call, chat, send SMS, pictures and videos for free to any of your phone contacts who also have the app installed.

Key Features:

  • Group calling.
  • Sharing contacts.
  • Exchange information.
  • Send files.
  • High protection.
  • Use of stickers.

Viber has really impressive video calling capabilities. You can even call up to 100 of your contacts at the same time! A simple UI tops off the package nicely.

To use Viber on your Windows PC you will first need to install Viber on your mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone apps available).

Next install the Windows desktop client on your PC and sign in to synchronize your contacts across the two devices. Then you’re done, call and chat to your heart’s content at no cost.

Final Thoughts

So, over the course of this article we have examined five incredibly efficient and enjoyable software messaging solutions.

As in all of our Software Comparison articles, we always stress that everyone will have different preferences when it comes to choosing software.

If these options aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our extensive range of Chat and Messaging Software options to find one that suits you.

Is there a program that you’re using that’s not on our list? Be sure to let us know!



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