5 of the best selfie apps available for iOS and Android


Like it or not, we’re selfie-obsessed these days. Where taking a selfie was once an awkward game of angles documented on MySpace, Instagram feeds are filled to the brim with next-level self-portraiture.

That said, if you’re still leaning on basic Instagram filters to capture the best version of your pout, you’re stuck in amateur hour. Some selfie-apps help you create a better picture, and that’s that. While others can move around your features to create a whole new face.

Whether you’re into turning yourself into an avatar, channeling your favorite animal, or just want to look better online, there are plenty of apps to choose from. And, many of them are free.

Read on for our roundup of best selfie apps.

1. Retrica

Retrica is a photo editing app that comes with a range of filters, doodle and text options, plus several stickers.

You can record longer videos or custom GIFs, and there’s a social media component built right in. The app is free and has pretty good reviews across the board.

You can save your Retrica pics directly to your camera roll, turn them into collages, and add overlays to your selfies with minimal effort. Some users have reported that the videos can be a bit clunky at times, but for pics, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

2. Pixtr

Okay, Pixtr is the app best suited for giving your portraits and selfies a professional touch. The app brings some serious facial detection tech to the table, allowing you to hone in on specific facial features – whiten your teeth, smooth out your skin, delete a few pimples, and just add some all-around definition to your face(s).

This isn’t the app to turn yourself into a dog or a cheetah or add any whimsical flower crowns to your look—but this is a solid app for your own digital transformation.

3. Visage Lab

A free app, with in-app purchases, of course, Visage Lab is a quick fix for the selfies you hate but plan on posting just so you’ll have something to put up.

The app automatically analyzes a photo and corrects things like blemishes, wrinkles, or discolored teeth, and red eyes. Beyond the auto-enhancement features, you can manually add effects and filters to spruce up your edited selfies.

The extra filters allow you to play with lighting and color, change up the background, and add in some playful effects.

4. Facetune 2

We’d be remiss to talk about the best selfie apps without giving Facetune a proper shout out. The app is all about beautifying faces and can perform subtle skin improvements, as well as full-blown plastic surgery. Augment lips, shave off a portion of your jawline, make your eyes a bit bigger and brighter.

Tread carefully with the special effects, as it’s easy to get carried away with the changes—and people you meet online might be surprised during your IRL encounter.

5. YouCam Perfect

If you’re into playing with makeup, but don’t want the mess, YouCam Perfect is the selfie app for you. The selfie app is more makeover game than practical app, allowing you to try on different looks—specific lipsticks, blushes, and eyeshadows, as well as holiday-themed faces.

The app also lets you adjust your skintone—for a healthy glow, smooth wrinkles and pores, and whitens teeth. Additionally, the app comes with a tutorial element, with live demos and chat.

Putting your best face forward has never been easier

Selfies certainly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And at least with these apps, you can join the fun with some top-notch snaps of your own. Whether it’s a digital glamour shot, a rearranged face, or some touchups and a new filter–this app lineup promises a camera roll full of Insta-ready pics.




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