7-Zip 18.05

Title : 7-Zip 18.05
File Name : 7z1805.exe
File Size : 1.1 MB
License : Open Source
Date Added : 28-Aug-2018
Home Page : www.7-zip.org
MD5 Checksum : 80CCB79BCEED759D69CC2F80BE5EAAED
OS Supported : Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (32/64-bits)

7-Zip is open source software has open architecture, so it can support any new compression methods


  • High compression ratio in 7z format with LZMA and LZMA2 compression
  • Supported formats – Packing / unpacking : 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM – Unpacking only : AR, ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DMG, EXT, FAT, GPT, HFS, IHEX, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, QCOW2, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, UEFI, VDI, VHD, VMDK, WIM, XAR and Z.
  • For ZIP and GZIP formats, 7-Zip provides a compression ratio that is 2-10 % better than the ratio provided by PKZip and WinZip
  • Strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and ZIP formats
  • Self-extracting capability for 7z format
  • Integration with Windows Shell
  • Powerful File Manager
  • Powerful command line version
  • Plugin for FAR Manager
  • Localizations for 87 languages

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– The speed for single-thread LZMA/LZMA2 decoding
– was increased by 30% in x64 version and by 3% in x86 version.
– 7-Zip now can use multi-threading for 7z/LZMA2 decoding,
– if there are multiple independent data chunks in LZMA2 stream.
– 7-Zip now can use multi-threading for xz decoding,
– if there are multiple blocks in xz stream.
– The speed for LZMA/LZMA2 compressing was increased
– by 8% for fastest/fast compression levels and
– by 3% for normal/maximum compression levels.
– 7-Zip now shows Properties (Info) window and CRC/SHA results window
– as “list view” window instead of “message box” window.
– Some improvements in zip, hfs and dmg code.
– Previous versions of 7-Zip could work incorrectly in “Large memory pages” mode in
– Windows 10 because of some BUG with “Large Pages” in Windows 10.
– Now 7-Zip doesn’t use “Large Pages” on Windows 10 up to revision 1709 (16299).
– The vulnerability in RAR unpacking code was fixed (CVE-2018-10115).
– Some bugs were fixed.
– New localization: Kabyle.

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