Avidemux 2.7.1

Title : Avidemux 2.7.1
File Name : avidemux_2.7.1_win32.exe
File Size : 21.9 MB
License : Open Source
Date Added : 29-Aug-2018
Home Page : http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux
MD5 Checksum : F2E29E335E23D0E793B18916C90BD0B5
OS Supported : Vista 32-bit / Win7 32-bit / Win8 32-bit

The Avidemux is a freeware that is powerful video-editing software. The video-editing software implements various codecs and is multithreaded to work as a standalone program for performing different multimedia functionalities.

Some of the functionalities this software can perform are: transcoding a video file into various standard formats; multiplexing various audio formats into the video file or inserting the audio files by using the built-in codec files, such as libavcodec; demultiplexing audio format or extracting the audio files from the video file by using the built-in codec file, such as libavcodec.

Additionally, the software is capable of automating and processing the video files such as cutting, filtering, and encoding by using the in-built project file system, creating job queues, and using the advanced scripting capability provided in both the Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI). The software provides filtering capability to enhance the video visual effects and allows the user to configure files using the non-project file system for video editing. By using the non-project file system the configured files can be stored and processed in a simple format.

With a simple and easy-to- use user interface, along with a list of video editing features, the software is considered to be one of the most idealistic programs for basic video editing.

Avidemux is a simple tool for simple video processing tasks. The keyword here is simple: it does not offer tools like a timeline, multitrack editing, you cannot freely move or splice audio and video clips from various sources. However, Avidemux allows you to do elementary things in a very straightforward way.

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Encoder:Add LibVA based HW accelerated H.264 encoder (Intel/Linux).
Decoder:Fix last frames of video not retrieved from decoder.
Decoder:Implement hardware accelerated decoding of H.264 on macOS.
Decoder:Fix keyframe-based navigation in field-encoded MPEG-2 video.
Demuxer:Fix crash in the Matroska demuxer with high bitrate audio.
Demuxer:Fix too short duration reported for MKV and MP4 with B-frames.
Demuxer:Fix PTS delay calculation in the Matroska demuxer.
Demuxer:Fix audio delay ignored by the Mp4 demuxer.
Muxer:Improve resilience of FFmpeg based muxers against decode timestamps irregularities.
Muxer:Allow to force display aspect ratio in the configuration of the MP4 muxer.
Muxer:Fix crash in the AVI muxer on switch to OpenDML.
Images:Add PNG export, fix wrong colors with some colorspaces.
Images:Add feature to export selection as JPEG images.
Editor:Fix AVI with H.264 / HEVC without B-frames being not seekable.
Editor:Make AVI with H.264 / HEVC containing B-frames seekable by decoding the entire video.
New Filter:Still Image: generate video of specified duration out of a single image.
Filter:Make eq2 video filter partializable.
Filter:Implement fade-in / fade-out transition for “Add logo”.
UI:Display selection duration in the UI, move filter preview toggle to the toolbar.
UI:Warn right away if an edit would result in cuts being not on keyframes.
UI:Improve time chooser dialog.
Audio:Add Opus encoder.
Audio:Allow LPCM in FFmpeg-based muxers.
Audio:Show duration for external audio tracks.
Miscellaneous:Improved overall polish and stability.



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