AxCrypt 2.1.1560.0

Title : AxCrypt 2.1.1560.0
File Name : axcrypt-2-setup.exe
File Size : 6.3 MB
License : Open Source
Date Added : 30-Aug-2018
Home Page :
MD5 Checksum : 7BBCBDC46D291D70966CF3A5E4C24E98
OS Supported : Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (32/64-bits)

AxCrypt is a freely available and user friendly security tool which is designed to make sure that unwarranted access to sensitive and private information is held in check. For those seeking security functions such as compression, encryption, decryption or sharing files, will find the AxCrypt to be a uniquely helpful solution. Provided the number of features AxCrypt provides, most of them being accessible in any part of the host operating system, it is no shocker that AxCrypt is among the top file security utilities.

As aforementioned, AxCrypt empowers common users to get easy access to most essential file security tasks such as encryption and decryption. Such level of security is essentially required when you are operating on a computer system which is shared among many users and you still want to keep your privacy intact. Professional users will love AxCrypt because of its native support as a shell utility. Any pro user can awaken the ghost in the shell and perform the most intricate file security operations using the available shell commands.

AxCrypt comes with strong encryption, speaking technically 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption. It also has cloud storage awareness which automatically secures your digital assets in Dropbox, Google Drive etc. AxCrypt comes with multilingual support. From Dutch, to Russian and many more.

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– Add restore original name
– Import AxCrypt ID does not work
– Manually imported public keys should be possible to use in Free version
– When independently encrypting in secured folders, key sharing policy should apply
– Add a ‘Reset’ button to the sign in dialog so a user can change the email
– Add subscription status and validity time in About box
– Add option to clear the recent files list
– Refresh account status when going from offline to online
– Go offline automatically if there is an unexpected exception from the API
– Change Clear all… to Clear All Settings and Restart
– Key Sharing does not work when working [local] and this should be indicated
– Disallow “Paste” in password verification field
– Possible to encrypt files with extensions which are set as unencryptable
– Update Newtonssoft.Json to 10.0.3
– Update NUnit to v3.9.0 etc
– Mac: Crash when signing out with secured folder with files needing encryption
– Pending files are not always encrypted when signing out
– Trying to use existing contact in share keys when “local” fails with unhandled exception
– Click for renewal does not work if the user has Premium
– The logging of “started an AxCrypt app” should include more info [axcrypt-web]
– Translations and texts maintenance
– Code Maintenance [axcrypt-net]



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