DAEMON Tools Lite 10.9

Title : DAEMON Tools Lite 10.9
File Name : DTLiteInstaller.exe
File Size : 773.2 KB
License : Freeware
Date Added : 28-Aug-2018
Home Page : www.daemon-tools.cc
MD5 Checksum : 40AF8BED09BFF955BA625B60A7065528
OS Supported : Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (32/64-bits)

The daemon tools, a set of six editions of the product, are used to create virtual drives and to mount the disc emulated image file format on the virtual drives. Emulating the disc content in the standard image format removes the overhead of burning the CD/DVD players.

The tools suppose to be one of the best optical media emulator can mount various types of disk images on the virtual drives and supports mounting of 32 DT and SCSI virtual devices simultaneously on the virtual drive including mounting around 4 IDE virtual devices. Further, the product can mount the CD/DVD players including the HD DVD and Blu-ray discs in the image file format.

The basic version of the tools and the advanced version of the tools are supported with Command Line Interface, Image compression feature, and Image password protection feature. Further, the advanced version of the tools supports Image collection management, Image editing and splitting, and virtual device property management.

Further, one of the advanced versions of the product allows the installation of the Daemon tools product over the network and allows mounting of the images on remote systems. Additionally, the product can create bootable USB and RAM disk, TrueCrypt images, and can mount the zip files on the virtual drives.

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Optimized performance.
Refreshed look and feel.
Enhanced Catch! powers.
Minor bugs.



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