GnuCash 3.3

Title : GnuCash 3.3
File Name : gnucash-3.3.setup.exe
File Size : 161.2 MB
License : Open Source
Date Added : 01-Oct-2018
Home Page :
MD5 Checksum : 0013CACB54E4B21569455A55A5674021
OS Supported : Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit

GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software, allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports.


  • Double-Entry Accounting
  • Stock/Bond/Mutual Fund Accounts
  • Small-Business Accounting
  • Reports, Graphs
  • QIF/OFX/HBCI Import, Transaction Matching
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Financial Calculations
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Stock/Mutual Fund Portfolios
  • Experimental database support
  • HBCI Support
  • Transaction Finder
  • Check Printing
  • Mortgage & Loan Repayment Assistant

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– Different warnings when changing reconciled splits vs. splits linked to reconciled splits.
– “Save changes on closing” window waits 2^32 seconds when “Time to wait for answer” is set 0.
– GnuCash won’t load currency fractions larger than 1000000. Also create larger fractions for the account dialog.
– Segmentation Fault in Transfer dialog after clearing Date field and pressing escape.
– Unable to overwrite sqlite3 database file.
– Mixed languages in error dialog.
– Python bindings can’t find loadable modules.
– Commodity Register displays fractional prices.
– Prices will now be displayed in decimal, rounded to two more places than the currency’s smallest unit.
– If no book is opened, gnucash still asks if the user wants to save changes when opening a file.
– GnuCash could not obtain the lock for file://C:\Users\username\Documents\GnuCash\2.6.21\xxxx\xxxx.gnucash
– Unposting and reposting invoice doubles amounts.
– query.search_for outputs critical qof.object errors and prevents queries being run.
– Editing Scheduled Transaction.
– In addition to not begining to edit already-loaded transactions, don’t try to load splits that are already loaded. It shouldn’t be possible to load a transaction without also loading its splits.
– Segmentation fault while setting up online banking.
– Allow only a single instance of the assistant.
– Saved reports don’t respect *some* ‘Edit report options’.
– Cannot go forward with empty duplicates screen.
– Backspace Key Inoperable After Ctrl+V.
– Dark Theme Text Colors Hard to Read.
– Only add the register-foreground class when using Gnucash built in colours. When this setting not used, the foreground colour by default will be what ever the theme has set and will be down to the user to over ride along with the other register colours.
– Can’t overwrite gnucash DB on MariaDB.
– 4 of 6 Date Posted options fail to return matching transactions.
– Auto-complete entry not highlighting to allow for incremental entry.
– Patch to restore gncmod-python.c.
– Toolbar buttons have no labels.
– reconcile window usability – R column should be next to Amount.
– buggy window handling at startup.
– OFX import fails to recognize associated income accounts.
– –add-price-quotes leaves a lock on the file.
– Scrollbar partially hides the delete button in the Saved Report Configurations window.
– The vertical scrollbar obscures the delete button in the tree view so add a dummy blank column to the end and set it to the width of the vertical scrollbar.
– Credit note creating ‘imbalance’ with wrong entries.
– CVE-2008-1391: Integer overflow in included strfmon function.
– Strange behaviour in options of multicolumn report.
– SaveAs Overwrite dialogue in background and not visible.
– gnc_date_cell_get_date and gnc_date_cell_get_date_gdate have different date validation behaviour.
– Date validation inconsistent.
– Changing a book’s read-only threshold doesn’t immediately affect open registers.
– Notes field in Duplicate Invoice dialogue is ‘read-only’.
– Bad icon with Spanish localization.
– Drop translations of the ‘gnucash-icon’ string from our po files and add a note for translators to not translate this string or use the literal ‘gnucash-icon’ as translation.
– References to ‘Gnome Bugzilla’ should be changed to ‘GnuCash Bugzilla’.
– Excel csv Format misprocessed.
– Convert all line ending styles to the one expected by the C++ standard library before starting to parse a csv file.
– Find transaction won’t filter on Date Posted.
– TypeError: in method ‘qof_query_int32_predicate’, argument 2 of type ‘gint32’ on gnucash.gnucash_core.QueryInt32Predicate.
Fixes and improvemts:
– Set toolbar buttons to show both icon and text.
– Add preference for forcing prices to decimal display.
– Revert the “Average Cost” pricing changes made in 2.6.17.
– Allow saving to xml over an existing sqlite3 file and the other way around.
– Add customer/vendor ID in client section of invoices.
– Change the default filter for General Ledger.
– Fix gtk accelerator mixups by explicitly disabling actions that are not relevant.
– [job-report] Prevent Crash if there is no AR account
– Add the ability to cascade account colours in account tree.
– Speed up loading the preference dialog by blocking register updates until the dialog is fully loaded.
– Update, add basic test for python query.
– Simplify GNCQueryView’s data model: It was managing a number of redudant parameters which were leaking memory all over the place. The information that was tracked could easily be extracted from the underlying GtkTreeView, GtkTreeModel or GtkTreeSelection when needed.
– Open customer/vendor/employee report when double-clicking an the respective owner the cust/vend/empl overview page.
– Update Overview of README
– Many new tests for reports.
– Some substantial speedups when loading large amounts of business transactions from a SQL backend.
– Clean up a lot of memory leaks.
– Remove all use of Timespec in the program. Provide deprecated wrapper functions supporting timespecs for custom reports; users should update the reports as soonas possible.



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