JoyToKey 6.1.1

Title : JoyToKey 6.1.1
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File Size : 911.0 KB
License : Shareware
Date Added : 24-Sep-2018
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MD5 Checksum : F95B0F69EE4C3294E6A185F5516E3FC8
OS Supported : Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (32/64-bits)

JoyToKey (or Joy2Key) enables PC game controllers to emulate the keyboard and mouse input, so that windows applications and web games can be controlled with your favorite joysticks! Whenever joystick buttons and sticks are pressed, JoyToKey converts them into keyboard strokes and/or mouse movements so that the target application will work as if you are using a real keyboard and a mouse!

Basic Features
Button Assignment Window
Auto Setting Wizard
Associate profiles to target applications

Advanced Features
Virtual joysticks (a.k.a. SHIFT-key function)
Button alias – Combine multiple definitions (e.g. “SHIFT + Mouse Wheel”)
Switch across multiple key assignments
Define a priority among multiple joysticks
Change the location of configuration files

Many games on the web don’t have a native support for joysticks. However, by using JoyToKey, you can control such games with your favorite joystick!

Screenshots are not available

– Supported multiple displays for the absolute movement of mouse cursor.
– Important bug fix for version 6.x



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