LAV Filters 0.73.1

Title : LAV Filters 0.73.1
File Name : LAVFilters-0.73.1-Installer.exe
File Size : 11.4 MB
License : Freeware
Date Added : 11-Oct-2018
Home Page :
MD5 Checksum : 615837636980D8253B677E6BA1CDB93A
OS Supported : Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (32/64-bits)

LAV Filters are a set of DirectShow filters based on the libavformat and libavcodec libraries from the ffmpeg project, which will allow you to play virtually any format in a DirectShow player.

The first part is the LAV Splitter, the first DirectShow source/splitter that leverages the full power of the avformat ffmpeg library to identify and demux media files. Due to it using avformat, it can support all important (and unimportant) media formats, even though only the main stream formats are currently officially supported.

The second part of LAV Filters is the Audio Decoder. Roughly modeled after the Gabest MpaDec Filter, its key design is to retain the maximum audio quality, without compromise. Its using a slightly modified ffmpeg library for decoding the audio, which allows it to get the untouched audio from the decoder, and sends it untouched to the audio renderer.

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LAV Video
Fixed: Container-provided color information will only overwrite video bitstream color information if its set and valid
LAV Audio
Fixed: Certain multi-channel AAC streams did not decode in 0.73



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