PDFCreator 3.3.2

Title : PDFCreator 3.3.2
File Name : PDFCreator-3_3_2-Setup.exe
File Size : 33.1 MB
License : Open Source
Date Added : 19-Nov-2018
Home Page : www.pdfforge.org
MD5 Checksum : EF5811E644340B828C2ABB1D53995DA3
OS Supported : Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (32/64-bits)

PDFCreator converts every printable document to PDF and many other formats. It works as a virtual printer and can convert anything to PDF that you can print. Merge multiple documents to one file. Convert your Documents to PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF and more …

  • Secure your PDFs

Allows to secure your documents against unauthorized access or modifications. You can restrict access to your PDFs, require a password to open the document or restrict printing and modifying your document with 128 bit AES encryption.

  • Digital signatures

If you need to sign a document and send it across the globe, it takes a lot of time. You can use digital signatures to speed up this process : Sign the document digitally with PDFCreator. This verifies you as author and you won’t have to print and scan the document.

  • Automatic saving

Auto-save allows you to have a fully automated PDF printer. You activate auto-save in your profile and select where the files will be saved. Every document you print will be saved automatically. Combine it with tokens and it becomes even more powerful.

  • Use Profiles for easy access

If you have different cases in which you use PDFCreator, you might need different settings for each. PDFCreator has profiles for this. You can create a profile for every situation and have it available with one click. You can also have multiple PDFCreator printers and define which profile will be preselected for you.

Screenshots are not available

– Fix NullReferenceException while launching PDFCreator caused by unnamed printer ports
– When a different profile is selected in the print job view, the filename and folder are set accordingly
– Fix translation of the context menu entry
– Avoid error caused by too long file paths during direct conversion of PS and PDF files
– Fixed linking PDFCreator with new Dropbox account
– Fix error when PDF/A validation report was active and the output format is not PDF/A
– Ignore empty profile names to ensure a proper profile assignment
– Fix a rare problem with hanging print jobs on terminal servers
– Fix the manual JPEG Q-Factor



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