Title : Picasa
File Name : picasa39-setup.exe
File Size : 13.0 MB
License : Freeware
Date Added : 15-Oct-2015
Home Page : www.google.com
MD5 Checksum : F5E535745F0E2140C31623DF8F9AD746
OS Supported : Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (32/64-bits)

Picasa allows you to Organize, edit, and share photos. Upload and share your photos on Google+. Tag your Google+ friends and share pictures of them and Transform your photos with new effects

Picasa does not store the photos on your computer.
When you open Picasa, it simply looks at the folders on your computer and displays the photos it finds. It displays the file types that you tell it to find, in the folders that you tell it to search.

Your original photos are preserved.
When using editing tools in Picasa, your original files are never touched. The photo edits you make are only viewable in Picasa until you decide to save your changes. Even then, Picasa creates a new version of the photo with your edits applied, leaving the original file preserved

As you become a power user, here are a slew of other features for you to explore:

  • Add captions: Click Edit > Captions to add captions to all photos in an album from the same screen.
  • Add tags: Tags are like keywords. By labeling your photos, you can quickly search and locate them on Picasa Web Albums.
  • Map your photos: When you upload photos, geographical information in the photo’s EXIF data is used to map your photos. You can also drag-and-drop them on the map in Picasa Web Albums.
  • Embed photos on other sites: Include a Picasa Web Albums slideshow, album, or image on your blog or website. Just copy a small snippet of HTML and paste it in the source code of your site.
  • Sync your changes: When you enable Sync to Web in Picasa for a folder or album, edits made to your photos in Picasa are reflected immediately in the corresponding album in Picasa Web Albums.

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