Remove VBA Password 4.8.46

Title : Remove VBA Password 4.8.46
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File Size : 574.4 KB
License : Commercial Demo
Date Added : 24-Oct-2018
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MD5 Checksum : 27679EC1891C3EF4F539F7736E350683
OS Supported : Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (32/64-bits)

Remove VBA Password instantly and securely removes any VBA password and unlocks locked VBA projects in in almost any file type. It supports Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, FrontPage), MS Project most other Microsoft products, Autodesk AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation and most other CAD/CAM applications, other Office software packages, various GIS, OCR, drawing and most other VBA enabled applications.

  • Passwords of any length and character set are supported and removed in seconds. Intentionally or accidentally locked VBA projects are unlocked instantly.
  • Secure password removal without damages to the file + automatic backup.
  • The software supports Office 97 to 2013 and 365 file formats of all supported VBA host applications. Works on all MS Windows platforms including Windows 10.
  • Features include allowing you to view the VBA code in PowerPoint PPA (and PPAM) add-ins, removing of the protection applied with a high Office version in a lower Office version and repairing of some VBA project damages
  • Supports command-line usage for custom scripting. (Pro edition only)
  • Full money back guaranty for the unlike event of a failure.

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